Are you connected to your health system? More importantly, is it connected to you?

Life is about making connections – with parents, siblings, friends, a spouse, and, yes, even a health system. That is, if that health system is ProMedica. Because when you choose ProMedica, you're choosing to be a part of the most connected health system in the region. Doctors, nurses, specialists, labs, pharmacies – all linked and all working together on your behalf. And when we're all connected to each other, we can better share our common goal of living happier, healthier lives.


Mission driven. Community based.

Excellence always. ProMedica is continuously striving to build and maintain a culture of patient and employee safety and clinical excellence. We are motivated by the patient-focused philosophy ... "Keep me safe." "Heal me." And "Be nice to me." In that order.

Through our services, compassion and following best practices, ProMedica provides patients with personal attention and a coordinated healing environment. Primary care physicians are increasingly managing the patient-care team, and patients are becoming more actively involved in the decisions and processes regarding their care.

And that's where being Well Connected comes in.

Our electronic records connect a patient's healthcare team to enable safe, high-quality care. ProMedica is well connected to serve our communities through care coordination, a comprehensive continuum of care, convenient access to services, and health plans through Paramount.

Introducing the hospitalist – a great way to be well connected.

A visit to the hospital can be an overwhelming experience. That's why ProMedica provides inpatients with a hospitalist. It's the job of your hospitalist to coordinate all your care while you're at a ProMedica hospital. He or she will function as a liaison between your primary care physician and the physicians and specialists attending to you, making certain that everyone is communicating clearly to get you healthy and home as quickly as possible. It's this extra level of care that makes ProMedica, ProMedica.


How do you treat a heart attack? Attack back.

A heart attack is a scary thing. But with ProMedica, it can be a little less scary.

From any ProMedica ER, your physician can discuss your case with a ProMedica cardiologist on duty 24/7 at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. If needed, you can be transported via ambulance or helicopter to Toledo Hospital for more specialized care. During recovery, you'll have access to dietitians and lifestyle coaches who can aid in your rehabilitation. And we haven't even touched on ProMedica's array of preventive services.

We hope a heart attack never comes, but if it does, you know where to go.

Ready. There is no "or not."

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. That's when you can count on a ProMedica cardiologist being available at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. So you never have to wonder if there's a cardiologist in the house. There always is.

Aortic stenosis patients take heart.

Aortic stenosis is a narrowing of the aortic heart valve, which is the main artery delivering blood to the rest of the body. The only way to treat it is to replace the valve with either pig tissue, which has a short lifespan, or with mechanical options that pose an increased risk of stroke.

But ProMedica cardiovascular surgeon Michael Moront, MD, FACS, is the first physician in the U.S. to implant an innovative bovine (cow) valve through a clinical trial.

Medtronic Inc. is leading the study. The next generation valve is designed to allow for less complicated treatment in the future. So far, Dr. Moront has implanted the new device in three Toledo patients who are all doing well.

Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation – it's all connected at ProMedica.

Innovation & Technology

Innovation and Technology – because sometimes the biggest breakthroughs are also the smallest.

Until very recently, stents could only be used to unblock arteries. Veins were considered too small, too delicate. But clots can appear in veins just as they can in arteries. And now, thanks to a procedure ProMedica helped pioneer, a stent can be used to remove dangerous clots from veins. It's yet another breakthrough pioneered by ProMedica and ProMedica Jobst Vascular Institute.

By connecting to ProMedica, you're connecting to some of the best leading-edge technology and medical procedures in the nation.


Welcome to the new age of stroke care.

There are two keys to treating stroke. One, knowing the signs of a stroke. And two, knowing where to seek the best treatment.

Keep the word "FAST" in mind if you suspect someone is having a stroke. It helps make key facts about stroke easy to remember.

  • Face drooping
  • Arm weakness
  • Speech difficulty
  • Time is critical

If you feel the sudden onset of any of these signs, or observe them in someone else, call 911 immediately. And ask to be taken to a ProMedica ER. Why a ProMedica ER?

All ProMedica ERs are equipped with the TeleStroke system, a means by which any ER in the ProMedica system can consult via computer, face to face, in real time with a vascular stroke neurologist.

This immediate, expert analysis opens the window for nonsurgical treatment from two hours to as much as 24 hours. This matters a great deal because nonsurgical stroke treatment results in fewer deaths, less permanent damage and shorter rehabilitation times.


When it comes to your cancer treatment, the word you want to hear is "now," not "eventually."

At ProMedica, we know that breast cancer is one of the scariest words you can hear, so we offer same-day biopsy appointments to find out as much as possible, as soon as possible. And that's just one way we fight cancer.

We know that when you have cancer, you need support. So ProMedica has a number of survivorship programs for those going through treatment and after. We've also partnered with WTOL's Friends for Life program to help you understand the signs of breast cancer, the latest treatments and prevention.

Diagnosis, treatment, recovery – at ProMedica, it's all connected.


Family is everything. So we do everything we can for families.

Taking care of families is what we do at ProMedica. And sure, we have all the things you'd expect when it comes to family care, like the largest group of pediatricians in the region. But we also have a few things you might not expect.

So when we say we do everything we can to support families, you know we mean it.

From before their first steps, to every step of the way after.

ProMedica offers a wide array of family services, from birth to every stage of your child's life.

From before their first steps and beyond – ProMedica's got you covered.


Giving back isn't about doing just enough. It's about doing all you can.

At ProMedica, we give back to the many communities that have welcomed us in as many ways as we can. That's why we support more than 300 nonprofit organizations, give to numerous cultural and community resources, donate more than $130 million a year, and volunteer to the tune of thousands of hours a year. Explore the many ways that ProMedica gives back to the community and, while you're at it, give a thought or two to how you might be able to give back yourself. It's rewarding in ways you could never imagine.